Monday, July 23, 2012

Time to Share and Learn!

As you can see from the schedule, Monday was a very busy day! The day began with Rita's Roundup, a rousing exercise in line dancing to get our juices flowing. Next came a motivational speech from David Warlick to get our mental juices flowing. Finally, the breakout sessions where a variety of topics were explored. The hardest part...choosing which sessions to attend!!!!

During the opening ceremony, Princess Porter (the amazing organizer of
the whole event) presented Allison Bakken with the DEN Finger. This is a
highly coveted award given to honor a DEN Star for going above and
beyond. Allison definitely did that! A native of Bozeman, she helped DEN
Stars by making countless trips to the airport and she was always available
for a ride to the store to pick up supplies. 

DEN Stars voted for this year's mascot (Matt Monjan dressed in a costume.)
Sweetie was so excited to find out the mascot was a horse!
Hard at work learning and sharing!
Sweetie is fascinated!
Time for a little goofing around! Who will win...the mighty Hall Davidson
or the infamous Kathy Schrock? 
Team meeting where lots of sharing happens!

If you would like to check out some of the amazing resources from these sessions, check out this Live Binder: 

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