Monday, July 23, 2012

The DENmazing Race

Discovery's answer to team building is the DENmazing race! The DEN team puts together a list of challenges and DEN stars compete in teams to complete the challenges. The team to finish first is named champion. The geocaching task generally gives contestants the most trouble, but my team had no problem.

Check out Valerie Burton's blog to read her take on the DENmazing race:

Here is my team...Me, Sweetie, Tammy Einerson, Lindsay Morhart,
DiAnne Galm, and Howard Martin

Shooting nerf guns was part of the challenge.

Tossing a horseshoe.

Sweetie's choosing her shoes for the bowling challenge.

Sweetie and I waiting for our turn!

Identifying DEN Star members. This part was a piece of cake for me
and Sweetie! We know everybody!

Sweetie is spying on the competition. They seem to be having trouble
with the geocaching portion of the event. hehe

And the winners.....

Here we are being honored in front of everybody!

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  1. Good work Jan! It was an honour having you on our team!