Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kickoff Barbecue and Reed Timmer!

The DEN Team hosted a kickoff barbecue on the lawn of the university.  Reed Timmer (star of Discovery's Storm Chasers) was available for autographs and photo-ops. I took Sweetie to a nearby ranch to spend the night. A local Bozite lent me his horse to ride back to the barbecue. Thing is, his horses are herd bound. That means they don't travel well alone. I know what that's like! Sweetie and her buddies at home are like that, too. Well this cowboy just saddles up all three, rides one and ponies the other two. Anyway, he was giving two college students a ride on his other two horses, so he asked me to pony them along. DEN Stars seemed surprised to see me ride up on a horse other than Sweetie!

Rita's telling a story and amusing the crowd!

What are these DEN Stars looking at?

Reed Timmer and Kathy Schrock see something, too!

Me riding the Bozite's horse and ponying two other unknown college girls.

Me on the Bozite's awesome horse!!!!

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