Friday, July 20, 2012

Arrive, Paddle, Ride!!!!

 Sweetie and I arrived in Bozeman, Montana today, one day early! Other DEN Stars were here to greet us and sweep us away to Montana Whitewater for a day of Paddling and Riding! Below are pictures of highlights of the trip.

Here we are embarking on the paddle portion of the trip.

The rafts

Out on the water. Sweetie is a great swimmer!

The water's getting a little rough, but Sweetie has no problem!

The gang is ready to ride some horses!

Cheryl Woolwine gets to ride a sure-footed mule!

Here we are heading down the trail!

Judy Uhlrig's horse is eating on the trail! Bad horse!
Sweetie would never do that.

Connie Mulligan looks like a natural!

Ann Truger fell in love with her horse. Best Friends for Life!