Thursday, May 17, 2012

The DENNY Awards!

Each year Discovery gives out special awards to the DEN stars for their support, leadership, or enthusiasm for the DEN. I knew we had to stop somewhere to watch the awards, because the big announcement for the Dr. Lodge Video Challenge was going to be made. Sweetie and I pulled over at a hotel restaurant and I asked if I could use their wifi. They were so enamored with Sweetie's beauty, I could have got them to yes to anything. I was sad for the Ponderous Pandas when I heard they didn't win, but then I thought about what a feat it was to just have made the finalists. I sent a congratulatory edmodo to them. What I really hadn't counted on was that Sweetie and I would win two other awards. One was for that fabulous trip we took to Chicago to see all the other DEN Stars and the other one is below.

Watch the DENNY awards below and see who else won an award.
Animoto created by: R. J. Stangerlin

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