Friday, April 20, 2012

Willow River State Park

Sweetie and I are camping in Willow River State Park tonight. While exploring today, we came across Willow Falls. Aren't they beautiful? Guess we'll settle down and enjoy this rustic atmosphere. In two days we'll be in the big city of Minneapolis!

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  1. Howdy- Mrs. Abernathy, this is fantastic! Ever since learning about you and your class in our Rock Our World experience, I occasionally check in on you and your class online and think how much my Fifth Grade class in Hawaii would love to spend some virtual time with you folks! I am looking for a contact for you at the moment to tell you this :-) but in the meantime, wanted to comment to say how fun it is to see these posts!
    Mahalo for what seems to be your limitless energy and creativity! --Kristin Tarnas