Saturday, March 31, 2012

DEN in the CITY

When Sweetie and I arrived in the city, we found the DEN girls hanging out with some pigeons. Sweetie wanted to get a closer look. We don't have birds like this in the country!

DEN Stars left to right and state where they live:
Jan Abernethy on Sweetie (PA)
Gena Price (MI)
Amy Cordova (KS)
Liz Charlton (IL)
Katie Warren (CA)
Peg Hartwig (WI)
Margie Rogers (MO)
Emma Haygood (MI)
Traci Blazosky (PA)
Wendy Zahrn (MI)
DEN Stars from Left to Right:
Peg Hartwig
Gena Price
Wendy Zahrn
Emma Haygood
Amy Cordova
Traci Blazosky
Liz Charlton
Sweetie and Jan Abernethy

When the city of Chicago heard that Sweetie was in town, they decided to have a parade. She is becoming a local celebrity in this windy city!

If you would like to read more about our DEN in the City adventures, read the following blog posts by DEN Stars:

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